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Yosemite National Park: Rocks, Glaciers, and Waterfalls, Oh My!

Every year, Yosemite National Park draws millions of visitors. This 12,000-square-mile tract of the Sierra Nevada was first set aside in 1890 and grows more popular every year. Yosemite Valley attracts the most tourists, but beautiful scenery throughout the entire park beckons you and your camera. This is why we’ll be including this scenic destination in our December trip! (See link at bottom for details)

Yosemite Valley made the big time during the California Gold Rush. The region was named after a battle with a band of Native Americans who were nicknamed “yohhe’meti,” or “they are killers.” This location has a rich history for the American West!

The half-mile deep Yosemite Valley was carved by glaciers and now features 3,000-foot high domes of rock and more waterfalls than you can count; talk about photo ops! Your first view upon entering the valley will be the Tunnel View, one of the most photographed sights at Yosemite. From here, you can experience the “classic view,” encompassing five of the most famous landmarks of Yosemite. Wouldn’t this make a gorgeous panorama!

Let’s not forget the rest of the park. Several trails meander through the meadows and forests. These trails will provide opportunities for beautiful photographs and teaching opportunities on reallyclassglass.com’s professional telephoto lenses. Mount Dana and Mount Gibbs, well-known mountains of red metamorphic rock, stand majestically in eternal poses. And the Mariposa Grove is filled with giant sequoias; nothing makes you feel tiny and insignificant quite like trees that measure 30 feet across at the base!

Providing more great photo opportunities are the many lakes and waterfalls of Yosemite. Yosemite Falls consists of upper and lower falls joined by cascades; the whole shebang drops nearly 2,500 feet – the highest waterfall in North America. Or you could stop at one of the many lakes scattered around. If frozen water is more your style, check out Lyell Glacier: the largest glacier in Yosemite.

The number of beautiful photo opportunities may sound a little overwhelming. But, we’ll be touring the park together and scouting the best locations for unforgettable photo memories! With such beauty in one place, it’s not hard to see why photographers around the world journey to this pristine wilderness. Getting in touch with nature can only be good for the soul – and the camera too!

Ready to join us? We’ll be departing Kansas City on December 1st, 2011. Start packing your bags today! (Click here for details)