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Creating Beautiful Photography… That Makes Money!

Whether you started photography as a hobby or you have been snapping pictures professionally for years, understanding how to create photos that sell is integral to your success. By recognizing what your customers are looking for in photography and how you can tailor your images to their needs, you can increase your sales and the quality of your work.

Understand Your Equipment

First things first, you must know what you are working with. Your equipment and your photography settings should be familiar to you. By understanding how your camera takes pictures and the settings for each occasion, you will be able to take better quality photos. Attending a ReallyClassGlass.com workshop can teach you specifics and hone your skills. Websites can also provide inspiration and show you what other photographers are getting paid for. Familiarizing yourself with the industry will only make you a stronger photographer.

Know Your Lighting

The best photographers always seek out the light. No matter what your subject is, still life or portraits, you should always know how the lighting will make the resulting picture look. Working outdoors will provide considerably different options than indoor lighting. Understand how diffusers work and how light can be manipulated. A quick search online will provide you with dozens of lighting options. For the best results, attempt to take pictures using a variety of sources. This will give you the opportunity to test your settings and decide on the best options for your style of photography.

Get in Close

Change the perspective of your image and take pictures from multiple angles. The idea is to have photos that are unique. Imagine how the average person might take the picture and then change it up. Get on the ground and shoot upwards. Grab a step ladder and look down on your subject. By using a refreshing angle or perspective your pictures will stand out above the rest.

Focus on the Eyes

Portrait photography is all about the person in the image. Focusing on the subjects eyes will draw attention to the face in a way that other areas of focus cannot. Regardless of the camera or the lens, be very careful of your point of focus and you can gain a visual impact that will set your images apart.

Centering is Boring

Just like trying a different perspective can make a simple picture stand out, moving your subject off-center can change the feel of your image. Instead of keeping the subject perfectly in the center of the photo, moving it to the side can draw more attention to the size and scale and create a sense of drama.

Regardless of your approach to photography, only practicing and challenging yourself will make you better at what you do. Photographers should never be far from their equipment; you never know when inspiration will strike.