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Capturing the Grand Canyon and Sedona in Pictures

Budding photographer? Experienced pro? Either way, Grand Canyon National Park and nearby Sedona, AZ are great places to hone in on your photography skills. That is why we have decided to incorporate these destinations in our upcoming Destination Photography trip this December.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon was first set aside as a Federal Reserve in 1893. The, was designated a National Park in 1919; an astonishing 44,000 tourists visited that year. However, these days, five million annual visitors can’t be wrong!

Before it was the tourist destination that it is today, the Grand Canyon was home to 11 tribes and ethnic groups for nearly 12,000 years. Along with tourists and photographers, archaeologists have had a field day sifting through the artifacts – just imagine photographing in a place like this!

But where to take pictures? Our professional guides will help us find the most breathtaking locations for beautiful photographs, including the South Rim (heading down a couple hundred feet also offers a new perspective).


Just two hours away, Sedona’s stunning sandstones are calling for their share of attention. Located in northern Arizona, Sedona enjoys mild winters and summers; it’s no wonder why human snowbirds settle here. In the early days, the peach and apple orchards were all the rage. It wasn’t until the 1950s that the area began attracting tourists, vacationers, and retired folks.

Sedona has a multicultural history. In 1876, Anglo settlers arrived and forced the Yavapai and Apache tribes to move to a reservation 180 miles away… On foot… In winter. Some of them have since returned to the area and are able to maintain a distinct culture.

Now, Sedona is known as “Red Rock Country” for its sandstone formations. Surrounding the city are the whimsically-named monoliths: Coffeepot, Cathedral and Thunder Mountain. Who doesn’t want a picture of a Coffeepot that looks nothing like a coffee pot? Oak Creek Canyon, also just outside the city, is great for photography too.

Did this get your mouth watering? If so, contact Dave today (dave@timeless-images.com) to get starting booking your seat for December’s adventure west. While traveling with Dave, the Image Maker of the American West, you’ll capture some of the most breathtaking views that Arizona and California have to offer; nothing will beat this experience.

For more details, including the rest of the trip itinerary and information on booking your seat, click here.


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